If you'd like to see your letter or artwork featured on Picture Politix, here are some tips on what we're looking for:

1. We're looking for letters from you to representatives of your home district and your state senators. While letters to other elected officials will be considered, letters from you to your specific district and state representatives will be prioritized.  These letters have the most impact as they are used to collect data, the aggregate of which becomes the mandate for your representatives' legislative agendas.

2.  We are looking for letters about policies that impact you directly.  If there are specific actions your elected officials have taken that have improved your quality of life, feelings of security, ability, etc. we want to know about it.  If there is specific legislation on the table or recently passed that stands to harm you or someone you love, we want to know about it.  If there is legislation you'd like to see proposed because of how it will positively effect you or someone you love, we want to know about that too!

3. The more specific you can be in your letter, the better.  Use concrete, real life examples of things you have seen and experienced first hand - personal anecdotes are what make your letter yours and give it power.

4. We're also looking for illustrators, cartoonists and visual artists.  If you are interested in illustrating a letter or in writing and drawing your own illustrated letter, please contact us! We are currently doing this just out of pure compulsion to take some positive action - If you're looking for a way to contribute creatively to the movement toward a more civically engaged, informed and compassionate national electorate, please get in touch with us!

All queries can be emailed to picturepolitix@gmail.com